Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why do I get error message X when I run command Y in FinkCommander?

If you are able to start a command using FinkCommander but receive an error message, FinkCommander is unlikely to be the source of the problem. A problem with your Fink installation (which is not the same thing as a bug in Fink) is more likely to be the cause.

You can easily resolve many Fink installation problems by reviewing the Fink FAQ or Fink Documentation and following the advice there.

To test whether FinkCommander or your Fink installation is the source of the problem, run the problematic command in Terminal. If you do that and the command succeeds, then by all means send a message to the finkcommander-users mailing list or report a bug.

But be sure to mention that you tested the command in Terminal. Otherwise you'll be referred to this FAQ!

Q2: FinkCommander is failing to display some/all of the packages in the table. What's wrong? How do I fix it?

There are two possible causes of this problem:

  1. You haven't taken the steps necessary to make sure all Fink packages are available on your system. If there is a package in the Fink package database that you can't find in the FinkCommander table, please be sure you have:
    1. Enabled both unstable and unstable crypto (which you can do easily in FinkCommander:Preferences:Fink);
    2. Recently run selfupdate-cvs.
  2. You are on Snow Leopard (OS 10.6) and haven't set FinkCommander to use Perl 5.8.9. You can easily do so in FinkCommander:Preferences:Path:Path to Perl by entering the value /usr/bin/perl5.8.9

To test whether FinkCommander is misrepresenting the packages available, run the fink list command in Terminal and compare the number it reports to the number at the top of the FinkCommander window. If they are the same, this is not a FinkCommander problem.

Q3: How do I respond to a prompt that appears in the command output when the interaction dialog fails to appear?

Select the Tools:Interact with Fink... menu item. Please consider submitting a bug report as well, so the developers can add the prompt to the FinkCommander output parser.

These instructions apply to all prompts from Fink, even those that simply ask you to "Press any key to continue."

Q4: I ran a command in Terminal using FinkCommander. Now every time I open a new Terminal window, that same command runs. Why does this happen? How do I fix it?

This happens whenever you open the "Window Settings" panel for a Terminal window that was opened to run a specific command and then click the "Use Settings As Default" button. The same thing would occur if, for example, you clicked that button for a Terminal window opened by BBEdit's "Run in Terminal" command.

To fix this, terminate the offending fink or apt-get process and enter the following command in Terminal:

defaults write ExecutionString

If you can't get access to a functional Terminal window, then open ~/Library/Preferences/ in any text editor and delete the text between the <string></string> tags under the <key>ExecutionString</key> entry.

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